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Six-Figure Jobs: Sales Manager, Medical Equipment

Last Updated Feb 28, 2011 3:16 PM EST

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Sales Manager, Medical Equipment

Salary for Top Earners: $137,000+

Projected Job Growth: 10 percent by 2018

Additional Training Required: An eight-week program offered by Medical Sales College can help newcomers with sales experience transition to medical sales, although Colorado residents are required to get on-site instruction.

An innovative new array of medical devices Medical Equipment Suppliers and "spare parts" is coming to the aid of an aging population. This equipment, as well as more standard supplies, calls for experienced sales people to do business with hospitals, physicians, and clinics, often around the world. "Hiring on the sales side has been incredibly strong," says Paula Rutledge, president of LegacyMedSearch, a medical recruitment firm "We've had more jobs filled in the past two weeks than we had in a year." The people who filled them? They came from Procter & Gamble, Pitney-Bowes, Schwinn, a copier company, nursing, and even professional sports.

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List of Supplies needed for Paramedical Examiners - Mobile Phlebotomist

2. BloodPressure Unit (sphygmomanometer)

20. Clorox Wipes

3. Sharps Container/Bio Hazard Container

21.Fed Ex Lab Bags and Slips

4. Lab Kits - CRL (Clinical Reference Lab), LabOne, Heritage Lab

22. Ice Chest

5. EKG Machine and the type of paper for that particular machine

23. Dry Ice

6. Alcohol Preps

24. small Soap Pump

7. Bandaids

25. (Sewing) - Measure Tape

8. Sterile Gauze

26. (Handyman) - Metal Measure Tape

9. Non-Latex Gloves

27. Cell Phone

10. Carry-case with Wheels

28. Map of your city or state

11. Purell - Hand Sanitizer

29. Lancets (for finger punctures)

12. Box of Tourniquets (non-Latex)

30. An Appointment Book

13. Stethoscopes

31. Insurance Company Forms

14. Non-Digital Scale, (light weight)

32. Computer

15. Bandage Tape

33. Fax Machine - 4 in 1 features

16. Cotton Balls

34. Clip Board

17. a time Watch (with a seconds hand)

35. Several Ink Pens (black ink only)

18. Extra Blood Collection Tubes

36. Shredder

37. Business Cards

38. Paper Clips, Stapler, and other stationary supplies

by Sabrina A. K.

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Top 40 Medical Device Companies


in Medical Device Business by MDDI Staff on November 21, 2014

The top 40 medical device manufacturers worldwide ranked by total revenue as ofOctober 9, 2014.

There has been a lot of change on medtech's leaderboard over the past 12 months. For a more recent ranking of medical device companies, download our free Top 100 Medical Device Companies of 2016report.

[Photo Credit: iStockphoto.com userexdez]

Source:Capital IQ and company data.

1The Alcon division is only included in this report.

2The medical devices segment is only included in this report.

3Medical Care comprises the businesses with blood glucose meters, contrast-enhanceddiagnostic imaging equipment, and mechanical systems for treating constricted or blocked bloodvessels.

4The medical devices segment is only included in this report.

5Separated Medical Technologies into Dental and Life Sciences & Diagnostics sgements. The Dental division is only included in this report.

6 The medical devices segment is only included in this report.


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Benefits Of Penis Pumps.

Penis pumps are one of the many methods developed by sexologists to increase blood flow to the penis, allowing a strong erections that ensure pleasure for both partners. A penis pump is a cylinder that the user places over the penis and activates. The pump may be manual or motorized.

When operating the penis pump has a suction, creating a vacuum around the penis. This has the net effect of drawing blood to the penis. As the flow of blood to the penis is what creates an erection, the benefits of this action are easy to understand. The penis becomes engorged and erect as a result. In the case of a penis pump, more is less because excessive pressure causes vascular damage rather than a harder penis.

Penis Pumps Are Not Just For Impotence

Initially these vacuum pumps were meant to aid in cases of impotence and they are still used to an extent for this purpose. There are levels of sophistication of these pumps, with the simplest being as described above. A more sophisticated penis pump is made to higher standards of safety and quality and costs a lot more. They are sometimes distributed by medical equipment suppliers.

Enhancements For A Penis Pump

Cock rings, also called flexible compression rings, can be used in conjunction with a penis pump. You can fit one to the open end of the cylinder. Once an erection has been created, the ring is pushed to the base of the erect penis. Finally the vacuum pressure is released. This enables the man to retain the erection even in cases of vascular or nervous problems that would normally lead to the erection subsiding. Using this combination method, an erection can normally can be retained for a considerable period of time. Usually the manufacturers suggest that the cock ring be removed after half an hour.

Be Careful When Using Vacuum Pumps

Pumping with penis pumps should be done very carefully so that there is no injury. In the excitement of the moment users have been known to conduct over enthusiastic pumping that bursts a blood vessel or forms blisters. Excessive use over time is also to be avoided as the rim of the cylinder can cut into the skin and over time cause damage to the ligaments surrounding the penis.

Benefits Of Penis Pumps

Obviously the main benefit of a penis pump is that it helps a man to get and maintain a firmer erection, with consequent pleasure to both partners. It is interesting to note that more than half the men who use these penis vacuum pumps are happy with the results. Although using a penis pump will not give long-lasting physiological results, such as curing impotence, using a penis pump over a few months can have a healthy psychological effect on the Medical Equipment Suppliers user. As a result, some men claim that these pumps become less effective for treating their sexual problems.

By: PHawkins

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com


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Dutch Boy, Survivor of Jet Crash, Back Home

Last Updated 8:37 a.m. ET

The Dutch boy who is the sole survivor of a plane crash in Libya arrived in the Netherlands Saturday on a medical evacuation flight, just hours after being told that his parents and older brother perished in the disaster.

Nine-year-old Ruben van Assouw's survival of a crash that shattered the airliner into pieces has stunned doctors and given the tragedy at least one hopeful story. The Afriqiyah Airways flight from South Africa hit the ground short of the runway while landing Wednesday in Tripoli, killing 103 people, including the boy's parents and 11-year-old brother.

The boy was recovering well enough to make the journey home and most likely w

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South Africa Medical Equipment suppliers on Alibaba.com

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Soya Beans,White beans,Sunflower,Red beans,Woodpellet

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Medicare pays 4 times suppliers' wheelchair cost, report says

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Power-driven wheelchairs are costing Medicare and its beneficiaries nearly four times what suppliers pay for them, and competitive bidding could have reduced those costs, according to an inspector general's report released Wednesday.

Competitive bidding would have cut costs on a standard power wheelchair by nearly $1,000, the report says.

Competitive bidding would have cut costs on a standard power wheelchair by nearly $1,000, the report says.

A standard power wheelchair costs the federal health insurance program for seniors an average of $4,018 to lease, compared with $1,048 for suppliers to buy, the Department of Health and Human Services' internal watchdog reported.

"Medicare and its beneficiaries paid suppliers an average of $2,970 beyond the supplier's acquisition cost to perform an average of five services and cover general business costs," the report found.

The difference was not as dramatic for more advanced wheelchairs used for physical rehabilitation patients, but at an average lease of $11,507, those chairs still cost Medicare about twice as much as the $5,880 paid by suppliers, the report found.

More than 173,000 Medicare beneficiaries received power wheelchairs in the first half of 2007, at a cost of about $686 million, the report said. The cost could have been reduced considerably had Congress not delayed a planned system of competitive bidding for what Medicare classifies as "durable medical equipment," such as wheelchairs and oxygen tanks, the report said.

Competitive bidding would have cut Medicare's average cost of a standard power wheelchair by nearly $1,000, the inspector general found.

"Medicare and beneficiary payments under the Competitive Bidding Acquisition Program would have decreased by an average of 26 percent across all included categories of [durable medical equipment], saving up to an estimated $1 billion annually," the report found. "However, Congress delayed the program and exempted complex rehabilitation power wheelchairs from future competitive bidding."

Medicare's annual budget for 2008 was $444 billion. In January, it cut its payments to suppliers by 9.5 percent to make up for what it thought competitive bidding would have saved taxpayers, according to the report.

In July, a CNN investigation found that a patient and taxpayers were billed about $1,200 over four years for a nonmotorized chair, while a nearly identical chair could be bought from the same supplier for $349.

The issue has become controversial as the Obama administration tries to overhaul the U.S. health care system and rein in the cost of Medicare.

Administration officials want to require competitive bids for items such as wheelchairs. But the American Association for Homecare, which represents many in the durable equipment industry, said the bidding program would reduce patient choice, limit access to home medical care and drive up Medicare costs by requiring more hospital stays.

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