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4 days ago

Raw or Cooked Vegetables: Which is better?

Raw or Cooked Vegetables: Which is better?

The battle of choosing between raw or

4 days ago

Home Medical Equipment

Home medical equipment (HME) or durable medical equipment (DME) refers to equipment used by people with medical conditions, physical limitations, disabilities and senior citizens. The home equipment category comprises devices used for patients who are being cared for by non-professionals or family members at home and not a medical institution. As these equipment are used by family members or non-professionals on a repetitive basis, these are also known as durable medical equipment.

Medical supplies such as bandages, irrigating kits, rubber gloves, etc cannot be considered as HME. Home medical equipment is defined as a medically essential; durable equipment, prescribed by the doctor t

5 days ago

The Secret Stories Behind Kempton Park Haunted Hospital South Africa


Ghost stories, particularly involving old and abandoned hospitals will really scare people, especially those who perceive ghost stories to be real. Kempton Park is just one of the many clinics around the world that are investigated by paranormal agents in order Medical Equipment Suppliers to determine if the ghost stories indeed are true. However, the investigation process yielded not only ghost stories and demonic recordings but secrets, involving doctors and patients as well.


After they shut their doors in 1997, when the management declared in 1996 that it was no longer accepting new patients due to severe shortage of medical staff, the local government entered into an agreement to revive it.

1 week ago


Neurosurgery is the surgical specialty that addresses disorders and diseases of the brain and nervous system, as well as the arteries of the neck. Neurosurgeons diagnose and treat brain tumors, stroke, brain aneurysms, traumatic brain injury, seizure disorders, spinal disorders and movement disorders. Some neurosurgeons specialize in specific areas of the nervous system such as the brain, spinal cord or peripheral nervous system, or specific areas such as pediatric neurology, seizure disorders, neuro-oncology or neurovascular disorders.

Advanced imaging techniques such as CT, MRI, PET and magnetoencephalography are essential tools for microsurgery that substantially enhance accuracy and result in better outcomes. Minimally invasive techniques such as endoscopic endonasal surgery and ventricular endoscopy reduce collateral damage and speed recovery. More recently, surgeons have begun to use functional MRI intraoperative as well.

Neurosurgical treatments for stroke entail removing blood clots caused by accidents or hypertension to restore blood flow to a blocked artery in the brain. When a patient can be treated immediately following the onset of symptoms, a neurosurgeon will generally administer tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), a medication that dissolves blood clots non-surgically. For patients who are not eligible for treatment with tPA, neurosurgeons may opt to remove or break up the clot via image-guided catheterization processes.

Preventative neurosurgical procedures for strokes include carotid endarterectomy, in which fatty plaques are removed from the carotid arteries, enabling blood flow to the brain. In carotid stenting, tiny wire mesh tubes are placed in the carotid artery to hold the artery open and ensure adequate blood supply.

Arteriovenous malformations (AVM), potentially life-threatening connections between arteries and veins in the brain, may be treated using procedures that block blood flow through embolization or radiosurgery. Depending on their location, brain tumors may be surgically removed or treated via radiosurgery as well.

Ventriculo-peritoneal and ventriculo-atrial shunting are surgical treatments for hydrocephaly, a condition in which cerebrospinal fluid fails to drain properly from the brain, putting pressure on delicate structures.

Seizures that cannot be controlled with medication may be treated through surgical removal of the locus of the abnormal electrical activity within the brain. A recently developed procedure entails insertion of a vagal Medical Equipment Suppliers nerve stimulator in the patient's neck to control seizures.

Other conditions treated by neurosurgeons include spinal tumors, spinal disc herniation, traumatic injury of peripheral nerves and spinal stenosis.

1 week ago

Medical Device Sales Jobs: The Most Important Success Factor

I have been involved with medical device sales job slightly over 3 years. That makes my total experience in this industry spans slightly over 12 years; with the rest are spent in pharmaceutical sales. In a glance, there probably is nothing different between these two segments of the industry but my experience tells me otherwise. There is no guarantee that a success in one segment is enough to catapult a person to stellar success in the other.

And that is the reason why I am writing this article. I am going to show you the single most important success factor for medical devices sales reps.

Before I can tell you that, allow me to tell you the main difference between pharmaceutical and device selling; based on a decade of experience. It can be summarized with this sentence: the sale for device sales reps starts when the customer says YES! The actual selling took place after a purchase is made. Unlike pharmaceutical sales, once a deal is consummated, there is a little that reps need to do.

That brings us to the main point: the most important success factor for medical devices sales jobs is after sales services. They come in the form of troubleshooting, maintenance advice and continuous training. These become more critical in institutional set-up compared to individual user.

Let me put you through an example:

When a customer agrees to rent or purchase a chemistry analyzer, for example, it is the rep job with the help of service engineer to install and make sure the machine runs properly. They need to make the necessary arrangement and preparation to bring in the analyzer. For that matter, they need to renovate the customers place or make some modifications before installing the hardware.

Right after that, the rep needs to coordinate with company's application specialist to set the program to the customer needs. When everything has been set, then users need to be trained on how to operate it accordingly. This can takes a few days or weeks, depending on the complexity of the machine.

And the real job starts right after that. When customers get their hands on the device, there are bound to be problems. More often than not, the area that requires the usage of the machine is the busiest area and it could not wait longer than a few hours to get everything back to working condition or in their words; short 'turn around time'.

Can you guess who is in the front line for such task? Ask any pharmaceutical reps whether they have been called to the front line if the healthcare provider wrongly dispensed their product. Hardly!

Twist it however you like but after sales service is the most important success factor for medical devices sales reps. I can testify to that.

1 week ago

Medical Equipment Suppliers

Good medical equipment is indispensable for any medical research laboratory. Medical equipment suppliers maintain an inventory of a wide range of standard laboratory products for sale. These include equipment for use in the analysis of blood gas and electrolytes, chemistry, immunology, hematology, coagulation, microbiology, urinalysis as well as a complete offering of ancillary laboratory equipment, reagents, and controls.

Offering Reliable Solutions for the Medical Industry

Medical equipment suppliers offer their customers a competitive advantage. Lab equipment dealers have a significant role in improving brand awareness among customers. They have an inventory of products from the industry's most respected manufacturers and are therefore Medical Equipment Suppliers well-equipped to meet the needs of laboratory professionals working in different settings.

Established suppliers of medical equipment offer post-sales services for the products they supply. Their efficient repair and refurbish packages ensure that the products they supply function properly. Besides, they also supply consumables and spares for most products. Other benefits include:

o Customized production

o Logistics assistance

o Special export packaging

o Extended warranty

o Service contracts and warranty

o Competitive pricing

o On time delivery

o Material service visits

o In-house service

Easy and Cost-Effective Product Selection

The online presence of medical equipment suppliers has made shopping simpler and easier. Their database provides a wealth of information about their products and services, and simplifies the selection process. They also offer facilities for placing online orders.

There are several online portals with a wide listing of medical equipment suppliers. To get the right products for your settings, you will need to understand the nature and type of device you need and then select the online supplier that can meet your needs.

By: Jeremy Linder

Article Directory:

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2 weeks ago

The Africans giving aid to the world

Story highlightsSouth African Imtiaz Sooliman launched the Gift of the Givers Foundation in 1992The aid agency is the biggest disaster relief group of African originIt has delivered aid to 32 countries, including Haiti, Pakistan and SomaliaSooliman says the group proves that Africa can make a positive contribution to the world

A week after a powerful 7.0 tremor ripped through Haiti in January 2010, time was running out for Ena Zizi. The 64-year-old woman was trapped, without food and water, eight meters under the rubble of Port-au-Prince's ruined cathedral.

A team of rescuers from South Africa worked against the clock to rescue her, with the stench of decomposing bodies in the